Thursday, August 15, 2013

What To Do If Your Company Discriminates?

This post is something I have often thought about.  I have wondered why employers who unlawfully discriminate just don't fix it.  If someone in your organization has unlawfully harassed or discriminated against an employee :

1.   Sincerely apologize.

2.   Admit the wrongdoing (I know this is counter-intuitive, but it works.)

3.  Offer the job, promotion, etc. that is at issue, if appropriate.

4.  Sincerely and effectively discipline the wrongdoer(s) up to termination.

5.   Make it clear that the behavior won't be tolerated.

6.  Treat the complainer with respect.

7.  Have sincere and significant training.

8.   Do not tolerate a workplace where the training is scoffed.

9.  If an EEOC charge is filed, again apologize in front of the EEOC and tell the EEOC that the problem has been corrected and you regret the issue occurring.

10.  If damages are claimed, again admit responsibility and settle early on before legal bills are high. If you apologize, you will probably avoid high damages, punitive damages, and the problems is taken care of quickly.  Deal effectively with wrongdoers.  

This advice may sound counter-intuitive to employers, but I assure that this will save money, time and make for a better workplace.  Fighting because of hurt feelings and ego makes things worse.   Of course, if the employee is making the discrimination up (make sure your personal feelings don't obscure your ability to rationally assess this), then fight.   Most of the time, though, if you act objectively early on, you can avoid a long drawn out fight tht drains you and your employees.

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