Sunday, June 12, 2016


What is the matter with us?  Why do we sell AR15's?  Why do we sell ammunition for assault rifles? The Second Amendment does not say that Americans have the right to keep assault weapons. This is crazy. One man took out 50 people and injured another 53. Should we just ban white males?  That makes as much sense as banning Muslims. All mass murderers are white males. Perhaps what we really should ban are assault weapons. Enough! 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

I Want To Be A Juror

Tomorrow I am reporting for jury duty, and I'm excited. I have never been on a jury. I believe in the jury system whole-heartedly. The jury system is illustrates what is right with this country. We are the only nation in the world that employs juries in both criminal and civil cases. Trial by jury is constitutionally protected for both criminal and civil cases in our nation. That's one of the reasons that this country is great.

I have picked a lot if juries and I believe that juries, by and large, do the right thing. Studies show that with small group decisions, like juries, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. When jurors work together, which they usually do, justice is the beneficiary. While, I certainly have not won every jury trial, I still fervently believe in juries. People on juries represent who we are as a nation and what values we cherish.  

Most jurors take their jobs very seriously. Twelve jurors are more likely than a sole decision-maker to root out the truth. Jurors can be, and usually are, brave, when courage is necessary. Jurors are the conscience of our community. Most people are good and want to be fair. A jury of twelve is more intelligent than one person.  I believe in the decency and fairness of Americans.

I will do my best to be open-minded, open-hearted, and I pledge to listen and think. I want to be part of what makes our judicial system great. I want to do my part. I am looking forward to reporting for jury duty, whether I am plucked for service or not. I am filled with pride that I am an American and I finally get to serve. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Speaking Truth To Power

It's hard to buck the status quo. The Constitutional declaration that, "All men are created equal," does not really state what many leaders believe. How many brave revolutionaries have been imprisoned or killed because of their beliefs? Martin Luther King, who professed non-violence, was jailed numerous times. Gandhi and King were both assassinated. Abraham Lincoln, the president, was assassinated for freeing slaves. Our nation incarcerates more people than any other.

We have an aristocracy in this country. Politics creates aristocracy. Fame and fortune create aristocracy. Woody Allen, Bill Cosby are forgiven for violent crimes while minor transgressions by members of the masses are punished harshly. Studies show that people born into poverty will likely live impoverished themselves. We may be electing a megalomaniac for president. Popular sports figures get passes unless caught assaulting people on camera or caught murdering others execution-style.

We are not equal under the law. Just as George Orwell said in Animal House,  "All people are created equal, but some people are more equal to others."  Kansas public schools may be shut down. Is education only for the rich?  Why are student loans not discharge able in bankruptcy while Donald Trump is a serially bankrupt person?  Corporations are people. Really?

I know I sound rambling. The truth is I did something today challenging authorities And, I am nervous. Powerful people generally do not hanker to those challenging them. Being polite and deferential in our society is perceived as superior to bucking the system. Today, I tried to buck the system. I wasn't polite and I wasn't deferential and I am nervous.

Sometimes you need to just go down swinging.