Sunday, June 18, 2017

Trump - I've Seen His Kind Before

Years ago I represented a brave woman who spoke truth to power. She sued a powerful man and his bizarre wife for race discrimination. As the case progressed, the couple kept digging holes for themselves.  They made self-destructive statements to the press, in their depositions and in public. They were their own worst enemies. Ultimately, they were defeated not by me nor by my client, but by themselves and their own imprudent actions.

Donald Trump, with his tweets and his media interviews, is his own worst enemy. Telling Lester Holt that he fired Comey to stop the Russia investigation was foolhardy.  Trump's tweets show who he really is, an insecure man, demanding allegiance. His skin is so thin it's surprising his organs don't just burst out.  Trump is filled with both hubris and doubt.

If Trump's fate goes the way he is heading, he is going to do himself in politically. Ignorance, coupled with insecure hubris, if there can be such a thing, will get him in the end. I hope he doesn't take us with him.