Monday, July 29, 2013

Mimi - The Rescue

Mimi - The Rescue

It is hard to fathom how much joy this little dog brings me. She is petite, feisty, and athletic. She bounds when she runs, faster and more gracefully than her tiny legs seem capable of running, a gazelle-like bounce in a very un-gazelle-like frame. She knows few strangers and no enemies.  Her world is play and sleep, and play again. She would rather sleep on someone's lap than do anything else but fling her fleece bone in the air, jump and catch it. She believes she is an equal match for pit bull "brother" and challenges him to play, which challenge he handles with grace, restraint and a touch of fervor.  She weighs 15 pounds, has a black, brindle and white tuxedo coat, as do her kin, the other mongrel somewhat Boston Terriers.  Her coat is shiny, and her muscles small and taut. 

You would hardly know that this little bundle of joy and energy is afflicted with epilepsy, where her body contorts and spasms in ways new and frightening to me. After the cluster seizures, she knew not who she wais or where she was and she is blind for awhile.  After that terrifying day of seizures, her medicine was increased and she was herself again, but the seizures may come back at any time.  We rescued her, after at least two families gave her up, presumably traumatized by her trauma-inducing seizures. My daughter believes in rescuing animals. My daughter wants to dedicate her life to animal rescue. 

My family was so distraught when our beloved Irish Setter mix Rowdy, who we had rescued from the gas chamber at the kill shelter mere hours before his scheduled demise, died. Rowdy died suddenly at age ten, presumably from a tumor. His loss was severe and he was grieved by us all.  The others thought it was too soon to adopt this little bundle, but my daughter and I persisted. Mimi sleeps under our covers at the foot if the bed. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I am awakened by a little tongue licking my toes.  She is so full of life, yet so vulnerable. What a wonderful little girl. It is hard to fathom how much joy this little dog brings me. 

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