Tuesday, July 23, 2013

*Corny Alert*. You might be a newborn British prince if . . .

You might be a newborn British prince if  . . .

1.  You think it's normal to have hundreds of thousands of people around you and  you really haven't done anything yet - I mean nothing, Bupkus, you can't even sit  up;

2.  Your mother is really beautiful and well-dressed, but your dad is balding and partial to red jackets with medals that no one understands;

3.  Everyone around you speaks in such a hoytie toytie way - your majesty this, your majesty that;

4.   You think McDonald's is a place where an old man had a farm;

5.  Everyone you see has cameras with enormous lenses and they keep calling to you;

6.  When these people call to you, they don't call you by name because, for crying out loud, no one has given you a name;

7.  They tell you to call your great granny, "Your majesty, queen of the British Empire, blah, blah, blah."

8.  You have no idea how the people in your family earn a living;

9.  Your cousins conspire to poison your formula because they want something called the throne; and,

10.  You feel queasy and uneasy when you look at this building everyone calls the Tower of London,

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