Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The (My) 8 Reasons to Write A Blog

I thought I would explore why people write blogs.  Wouldn't it be cool if everyone was forthcoming and prefaced their remarks with an explanation.  For instance, before one comment the commenter might state, "I'm lonely and want people to pay attention to me."  Wouldn't that be refreshing?   Or another poster could write, "I am really proud of my photos and I want to share them."  A third might write, "People suck.  I want to ridicule and embarrass because it makes me feel like a superior person."

Of course, there are those creative bloggers, who want to perfect a new art form, or impart news, information and opinions.  While other bloggers want to share recipes, hobbies and other talents.

So, why do I write this blog?  I am going to try to be as completely candid as my ego will allow.  Here are my reasons:

1.  To focus on the courageous clients I meet everyday. Hence the name of the blog, Uncommon Courage. I mean my clients' courage, but sometimes I wonder if readers think I must be incredibly egotistical.

2.  To utilize an outlet for my egotism (at least I don't think I am INCREDIBLY EGOTISTICAL, just somewhat egotistical).  I think most bloggers are. Otherwise, write a private journal. 

3.  I enjoy writing about civil rights, employment discrimination and law.  I really like my job and writing about it is cathartic. I, in fact, enjoy writing regardless of the topic.

4.  The blog looks so official with the Google template.  It makes me think my writing has more importance than it may really have.

5.  This one hurts, but I will be honest anyway.  I want readers and potential clients to learn about me.  I want lots of hits and people to think of our firm and if we can help. (I have always looked down my nose on lawyers who advertise, but I have to admit this serves a similar purpose. ) After all, I do have a mortgage to pay like most Americans.

6.   I am too busy (lazy) to write a non-fiction book about discrimination. That requires a lot of discipline and I do have a day job. 

7.  I, along with all idealistic or realistic dreamers hope that during my lifetime, I will do more good than bad. Like many lawyers, I would like to make a difference. 

8.  Did I mention I have some issues with being egotistical?

So, to summarize, I write this blog to fulfill my irrational quest for fame and fortune.   Oh, and it feels really good to help people get through crises caused by the unlawful discrimination of powerful people.  We really do want to even the playing field. Maybe I won't be Rosa Parks, Golda Meir, or Angelina Jolie (although I am mistaken for Ms. Jolie all the time.). But it is exciting to see the speed at which we can discover what's going on in the world and make our opinions known. The world of communication is changing, and it is pretty exciting.

I wonder what technology will bring in the future and I regret I will die and miss out on new innovation. At least, my demise should precede the inevitable Robot Wars and subsequent apocalyptic nuclear wars that we see previewed each week in Hollywood.  I would try to avoid the inevitable apocalypse if I were you.  Enough said.

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