Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Women - Tired of being bossed around? 7 Rules

Women still struggle - while completing the lion's Share of domestic duties, and being relegated to jobs as "assistant" to a man, working to be the boss but stymied by the boys' club, or penalized for being a mother. Women's exploitation in the work environment is the norm. Just look at  How many female bosses rhere are in large corporations, far fewer than is rational.

Women are better doctors than men, at least according to recent studies. My experience with female doctors is excellent. Women are more likely to care about others. Women are good workers. More women obtain bachelors and graduate degrees than men. Yet, women still earn $.76 on the dollar as compared to men.

So how do women get professional power? I will tell you what has worked for me and my law partner. Women - start your own businesses and, not only will you have no boss, your fate is in your own hands.

Self-employment is not right for everyone. Here is what it takes to be successful and self-employed.

1. WORK WITH PASSION - Know what you want to accomplish - be it selling bird seed, cleaning houses, or practicing law. 

2.   ENVISION SUCCESS - Don't give up.  Consult with other successful business owners. Do not accept defeat. Once knocked down, dust yourself off and keep going. 

3.  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - Self confidence is the key. Faking self-confidence Helps, and, strangely, authentic self-confidence oftentimes follows. 

4.  WORK HARDER THAN YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN WORK. Work, Work, Work.  Research, and work, work, work. 

5.  TREAT OTHERS WITH RESPECT (do this even if you don't want to run a business).

6.  TAKE CALCULATED RISKS - If you don't get outside your comfort zone, you will not succeed. 

7.  DO NOT GIVE UP - just like Winston Churchill said. 

Self-employment is not for everyone. You must want to work hard and loathe being at the whim of others, who are oftentimes less competent than you.  And you must hate being subservient to others. 

Whether you become the next Warren Buffett (or Oprah Winfrey) with your own blood, sweat, and tears, women need to be risk takers. For many of us, there can be no greater professional satisfaction than building your dream job and seeing it through. And no one bosses you around.  Building a business is like giving birth to a child, which is uniquely a female act.  You can do it.

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  1. This is not only a great comment for women, but for any one who counts themselves as a member of an oppressed minority group. This is great; thanks.