Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stupid Is As Stupid Does - Legislator Author of HB 2610 Abuses Public Trust

A Missouri Legislator proposed HB 2610 - a bill that states that legislators serving the minimum 2 year term, that is less than 5 months each term, is qualified to become a lawyer or judge. Cool!  No requirement of going to any stupid law school, learning, contracts, torts, real estate law, or anything except how to pass legislation. No tests. No studying. No bar exam. No college even necessary. Presumably, a high school diploma is not needed. No ethics exams. No three years of intensive study. No bar exam. No moral and ethical qualifications probed. All you need to do is file to become a representative in a small county with no resistance, and after two years, you too, can sit as a judge on Missouri's highest court, the Supreme Court. You, too, can ignore precedents, statutes and constitutional mandates to further your narrow biased or crazy agenda. What difference is it if a little chaos ensues, if you can further your narrow-minded uneducated right-wing agenda and punish all people who have different opinions. 

And Missouri residents pay the salary of this bozo who either could not get into law school or is too lazy to earn a law license the regular way- after years of work. Scary.

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  1. Yeah, all those ethics exams have really made lawyers ethical and good people, haven't they?

    I don't know, maybe an election is the answer.