Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why I Support Hillary, Part II

I understand Bernie Sanders supporters.  Part of me wants to be a Bernie Sanders supporter, and I will be if he is nominated.  However, I wanted to explain why I, and probably some other women of my generation support Hillary.

I have grown up with Hillary Clinton.  When I started practicing law in 1983, there were essentially no women civil trial lawyers in Kansas City, with the notable exception of one.  I was so fortunate to try my first case with the only woman that I know tried civil jury trials before me, Martha Hickman. When Martha got out of law school, she could not join the local bar association because of her gender. Martha was my only female mentor and I was fortunate to work with her on several cases. However, most female lawyers on the plaintiffs' side had no mentors.  When I was searching for a job out of law school, knowing that I wanted to be a trial lawyer, several male lawyers in male law firms asked me how I expected to be a trial lawyer and still mother my child.  They were parents, too. In never occurred to them that my struggles with life balance should have been there struggles, too.  In fact, just this summer, a male lawyer who was opposing counsel told me that he thought it was too hard for women to be trial lawyers and have a family.  His wife had quit law when she got pregnant. I did not argue with him, I just went about the business of representing my client trying his case.  My children, now grown, are well-adjusted adults, who incidentally appreciate both of their parents. Plus, my son is just as ardent a feminist as is his sister.

I remember when Hillary was first lady.  I worked in an office where it was common for some of the employees to constantly ridicule her.  And ridicule her they did.  She couldn't do anything right.  I never understood why people hated her so much. I could never see what she was doing wrong as first lady. Sure, she took a more active role in policy decisions than any other first lady.  But, she is very smart and driven.  I think people were threatened by her. I really admired how she held up when her husband was being impeached.  I would have withered under all of the scrutiny.  She did not. She is determined, perhaps to a fault.  

Many women today have never been without female role models. I think that's great.  I think Bernie Sanders respects women.  However, he has never personally felt the sting of non-acceptance based on gender.  Women make up 52% of this country.  It's time for a woman to be President.


  1. Just not THAT woman.

  2. Well stated, Ms. Bratcher!

  3. Determined to a fault, indeed. Can't admit to a mistake. and she is the REAL single-issue candidate: "I have a vagina, my turn"


    1) "George McGovern lost every state except Massachusetts and President Richard Nixon, one of the worst presidents in history, was elected in a landslide." Ms. Bratcher seemingly forgets that it was the American people who elected Nixon in that landslide, and that as a young McGovern supporter, she was clearly out-of-sync with a plurality.

    2) "And, for the same reasons George McGovern lost in 1972, Bernie Sanders will lose if he is the Democratic nominee in 2016." Is Ms. Bratcher a psychic? She wishes to equate being on "the fringes or extremes of a party" with certain loss in the general election, yet, one who wins their party's nomination is by definition mainstream. So, we think Ms. Bratcher is waxing nostalgically and confusing her recollections with reality.
    Sanders has one big idea - breaking up the banks.." This sentence perhaps reveals Ms. Bratcher's own bias, and demonstrates that she hasn't taken the time to research Bernie Sanders positions beyond this one issue. You ca
    3) "Bernie n't learn what you don't search for, and Ms. Bratcher apparently can't be bothered to look beyond her infatuation with Hillary Clinton.

    4) "Plus, I live in middle America. We are the Midwest, but more appropriately, we here in Kansas City are the Heart of America. I have many similarities to Bernie; I am descended from European Jews, even Polish Jews on my dad's side, and I am not very religious. I don't know if Bernie's supporters realize that in this day and age in middle America being a non-religious Jew, especially with a pronounced New York accent, is not a great selling point. There are many evangelicals in middle America and Bernie's views, spiritually and politically, differ greatly from theirs. I am more practical than my 19 year old self, I do not want another Nixon in the White House." Please pardon my bluntness here, but, this passage is nonsense. Ms. Bratcher's religious background is not pertinent. Likewise, I'd venture to say that few Americans know or would care that Mr. Sanders is descended from European Jews. With this type of pessismistic bias, Ms. Bratcher had she been old enough at the time, would have advised voters not to vote for JFK in 1960, as he was a Roman Catholic and thus unelectable.

    5) "Plus, I like Hillary. I relate to her." Well now, here finally, emerges the truth. This has nothing to do with Bernie Sanders, but everything to do with Ms. Bratcher's self-identification with Hillary Clinton as a valiant warrior against sexism.

  5. 6) "We need a woman president. The world needs us to have a woman president." Why? Ms. Bratcher makes a bold statement, yet gives no reasons, makes no case for this statement. It's like a defense attorney
    telling the jury, "My client is innocent! Just trust me on this one!", and offering something else.

    7) "I have grown up with Hillary Clinton." This is offered up as some reason to explain why Ms. Bratcher is a strong Hillary supporter. Do you suppose millions of Germans, post-WWII, proclaimed that because they had grown up with Adolph Hitler, they felt a special affinity for his ideals? People can fool themselves in a myriad of ways when they refuse to embrace reality.

    8) "Sure, she took a more active role in policy decisions than any other first lady." Note to Ms. Bratcher: First Ladies are not elected to office, and thus should leave policy decision-making to those who hold that responsibility.

    9) "However, he has never personally felt the sting of non-acceptance based on gender." Folks, this is really a shocking statement from an attorney, let alone one who deals with civil rights, discrimination, etc. We fear that if Ms. Bratcher's ideas (as expressed here) were ever put into practice she would destroy our society.

    10) "Women make up 52% of this country. It's time for a woman to be President." Continuing along the same corrupt lines as expressed in Point 9 above, Ms. Bratcher would use this flawed reasoning to demand that 52 percent of Congress and the Judiciary be held by women, never mind other qualifications. Yes, 52 percent of KCPD and KCFD personnel should be female. 52 percent of KC Chiefs and Royals players should be female.

    Ok, now that we've demonstrated some of the ways in which Ms. Bratcher is not thinking straight, let's cut to our present American reality. The people are angry my friends. In 2016, the corrupt 2-party system is under direct attack by likely nominees Bernie Sanders (D) and Donald Trump (R). Regardless of what you think of these two firebrands, they're both smart enough to tap into the vast reservoir of voter dissatisfaction that's resulted from years of corporate puppetry exemplified by the Bush and Clinton families.

    A middle-aged Ms. Bratcher, supporting the neo-con friendly, pro-establishment Hillary Clinton, is equal to that tidal wave of American voters who sent Richard Nixon into the White House in 1968, lest the country slip into the hands of a youth-driven radical like George McGovern. Food for thought.

  6. What has Hillary accomplished?
    What bills did she get passed into law.

    What I see is a wife who lies and covers for her cheating husband over and over.
    Failure as SOS people died and she blamed a video

    She has No Morals just as her husband.

    This is who you support?