Sunday, May 19, 2013

THE BEST JOBS EVER (unless you have an unscrupulous boss)

I am an employment lawyer and, based on jobs my female clients have had, here are my best jobs ever, in reverse order:

10.  FORK-LIFT OPERATOR - You get to operate a machine, manipulate rows of goods, where earphones, hopefully with music. You are in your own world, moving things with machinery. However, this job is not near as good if the predominantly male co-workers sexually harass you and draw nasty pictures in trucks with your name over the photo.  

9.  MICROBIOLOGIST - this is a great job, if you get to search for cures for breast cancer without your boss feeling you up. 

8.  SELLING TESTS TO DOCTORS TO FIND THE GENE THAT ANGELINA JOLIE HAS - this job helps humanity, as long as you are not fired because you are pregnant. 

7.  OFFICER IN THE AIR FORCE - great job for a woman as long as you are lucky enough to avoid harassment and rape. 

6.  POLITICAL ASSISTANT - great job, as long as the boss' wife doesn't come to work at the office. 

5.  DELIVERY TRUCK DRIVER AND UNION MEMBER - fun job to load truck and deliver presents at Christmastime, as long as your co-workers don't try to date you and then write lies about you when you complain to management. 

4.  WORKER AT SCHOOLS - Great job if you love kids of all races and genders, unless you work for the Kansas City School District. Enough said. 

3.   LAWYER - great job, unless your fate is decided by other lawyers, especially those who run or seek political office. 

2.  PHARMACEUTICAL SALESPERSON - Great job, on the edge of medical breakthroughs with good salaries, unless you don't like your employer violating the law buy marketing drugs that haven't been approved by the FDA. 

1.  NURSE - one of the most necessary and rewarding jobs that really makes a difference, unless the hospital doesn't care about patient safety or you don't like the doctor fondling your butt. 

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