Sunday, May 5, 2013

Empathy Leads to Legalization of Gay Marriage - Maybe Other Protections Soon

The times they are a'changin'.  And it's about time. We are witnessing a monumental shift in this country's attitude toward gays and lesbians, and to same sex marriage.  I did not think these advances would happen in my lifetime.  When I was in high school "queer" was a dirty word. People were afraid to come out, and for good reason.  Gays were relentlessly harassed. They were made to believe that there was something indecent about their makeup.  

Not until the past few years, or maybe even months, as society become to accept LGBT lifestyles.  I think I know one of the causes of this change  - our wonderful youth in this country. They thought our provincial attitudes about gender were stupid, and they were right. Their friends and relatives came out, and rather than create a family crisis, young people understood and accepted.  This gives me faith in the next generation. 

Same sex marriage will probably become legal everywhere within a few years.  Laws outlining discrimination for sexual orientation will not be far behind!

I remember the transsexual woman who was harassed because of her dress and makeup many years ago. I could not help her then.  I hope she is doing well. I feared for her safety. I dearly hope I can help the next LGBT person who comes to see me because our legislatures have taken a stand to protect all employees' rights, not just the ones who feel as the lawmakers do.  VIVA LA DIFFERENCE!

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  1. Empathy leads to legalization of gay marriage?

    How about decency? How about fairness? How about just sheer equality?

    As for the youth, they didn't just think "our provincial attitudes about gender were stupid" but about race and any other imaginary division that separated us and made some hate others.

    Kudos to the next, coming generations. they have a great deal going for them.

    Mo Rage
    the blog