Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Teach Your Children to Vote

Today is Mothers Day. I have two grown children whom I love dearly.  I would not presume to tell other mothers how to parent their children, except (there are always exceptions) to teach your children to vote.  Voting is so important in oh so many ways.  The Missouri Legislature just overwhelming passed a bill commanding Missourians to ignore and violate federal gun laws.  It seems they don't care that within the United States Constitution there is a part named the "Supremacy Clause" which commands that federal laws supersede state laws.  This bill, if signed into law will only make money for the lawyers opposing and defending the bill in the courts of appeals before the law is soundly struck down as unconstitutional.  What a great waste of taxpayer dollars.  

And then there are the politicians who believe they need not follow anti-discrimination laws because, as one must presume they are either ignorant of the law or believe they are above the law.  These politicians also waste taxpayer dollars in settlements and verdicts by victims of age or other discrimination. These people also need to be defeated in the polls.  

Fellow Mothers, we have only had the vote in this country since 1920.  The vote is powerful. We and our children can make a difference.  We need informed voters.  Teach your children to be an informed voter and society will benefit.  Apathy paves the way to votes going for the highest bidders.  Teach your children that if they vote intelligently, elections will not be bought by the wealthy individuals and corporations who want to have lawmakers in their pockets.  Teach your children to vote!

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