Saturday, July 2, 2016


Over forty people killed in Turkey. Twenty people killed in Bangladesh. That's just in the last few days. What is wrong with these people?  How do we stop them?  These killings are senseless. How do you reason with people who are willing to strap bombs on their compatriots to kill innocent civilians.

What causes radicalization?  These killers are radicalized Muslims.  Are they insane?  Most Muslims are decent human beings. How do people end up becoming monsters?

They weren't born wanting to commit mass murder. What makes them behave this way?

I could research the process of radicalization, but right now, I don't want to. I don't really want to empathize; I don't want to understand them. There's really no excuse. How awful. How evil. Most people are good. Not these folks. Evil.


  1. So the same time period 3000 innocent unborn were killed, over 100 killed in car wrecks, and over another 100 killed by medical malpractice.

    You have thousands of times more of a chance of being killed on the highways or in a hospital than by a terrorist.

    If you have even managed to get born in the first place.

  2. I think it's a turnaround.

    Normally, people like Lynne and her ilk blame everything on the white, Christian, middle-class, straight, American loving male.

    When it looked like the terrorist attack wasn't done by guys who fit the description, people like Lynne and her ilk blame guns or Islamaphobia. Well, Turkey has gun control. And from what I see Turkey is not a Christian nation. In fact, their one of the biggest friends of ISIS out there.

    This isn't radical Muslims. Orlando wasn't a radical Muslims. These are mainstream Islam. Period, end of story.

    The sooner people figure that out, the better. You can't bring in people who still has a 7th century mindset and all of a sudden expect them to modernize the second they step on U.S soil.

    BTW, we're not the only modern country having Muslim problems. Here is a Canadian school having issues after bring in Syrian refugees.

  3. "In fact, their one of the biggest friends of ISIS out there."

    No, they're not. Where do you get this?

    This isn't Islam, its criminals who happened to be culturally Muslim.

    Calling them "Radical Islam" is just doing their propagandizing for them.

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