Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Real Heroes

The reason this blog is entitled "Uncommon Courage" is because i want to profile the courageous people I represent. I am amazed at all the fortitude required to insure that justice can be done. My clients now and in the past are some of the bravest people I have ever met.  I have also seen jurors and judges take courageous actions, acting in ways that challenge the status quo. 

I want to honor my noble clients.  I don't think most people realize how hard it is to fight for your rights against behemoth corporations represented by mega-law firms. It is hard to be interrogated in a deposition about one's sex life, past indiscretions, and secret feelings. I doubt I could withstand the scrutiny and questioning my client's take in stride.  And there are few clients who I represent who only care about their own case. Most clients want to makes sure the harassment, racism, ageism, etc. is not perpetrated against others.  And in this business, there are no guarantees, no assurances, no way to predict the outcome of a case. My clients must take a leap of faith.  And once you jump, you are not sure of your fate until you land, not knowing whether you will walk away satisfied, or crawl away battered and bruised. 

I received a note this week from a brave soul who fought and lost, after her sexual harassment of ten years litigation ended badly. She has exhausted her appeals, but she still fights. She's written a book and I predict she won't stop until she is truly heard.  I wish her well. 

I want to thank my clients, and those of my partners, for fighting against racism, manufacturers of dangerous products, bullies who want to infringe on Constitutional freedoms, sexual harassment and ageism. Here is to those brave souls with the courage to make this society better for us regular people. Here is to those brave souls who are outgunned, out- financed, and out-numbered who fight against the bullies in our society, anyway.  I am so proud and honored to work with so many noble people. I love underdogs and you have taught me do much.   Thank you. 


  1. I sure wish I had engaged your services in my battles. I regret not having you as my attorney.

  2. I salute people like you, Lynne. You have the heart and courage to fight for the people who are being discriminated. Your cause is definitely worth fighting for. Thank you for being very vocal about this. Take care always!