Sunday, October 7, 2018

Everyday Courage

People perform daily acts of courage that are unrecognized.  These people do not seek the limelight. My clients who are first responders save others frequently. Firefighters in general risk their lives as part of their jobs on a frequent basis.  I am awed by what they routinely do as a matter of course.  They run in burning buildings when others flee. Courage is so ingrained in them, they do not realize how exceptional they are.

I just want to honor those souls who put their own safety aside in furthering the common good.  I consider Anita Hill and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as courageous, since they have both been targets of threats and can no longer lead happy, anonymous lives.  They came forward, regardless of the dire consequences.  They are models for young women striking out against sexual abuse.

Members of our military, members of police departments, members of resistance groups such as Rev. William Barber, II, and many others, take risks for others without thought of fame or wealth. We fail to recognize the courageous among us.  Yet, they seek no notoriety or acclaim.  Their courage is so ingrained in who they are and they seek no special acclaim.

Here is to those unsung heroes among us. Thank you. We need people like you.

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