Thursday, May 4, 2017

Get Affordable, Great Health Insurance With Pre-existing Conditions

Do you need health insurance and you, like many others, have pre-existing conditions?  Screw Trump and Congress. Here is what you should do:

1.  Apply to be a "community" or "visiting" student at a college like the University of Missouri-Kansas City or whatever is local to you. No need for transcripts, etc. just get permission to take a course for credit. (I have taken the History of Rock and Roll, Physics for Non-Majors, and Women's Studies, Ancient Classic Literature, and in the fall, a photography class.)

2.  Enroll in the course. Take the class.  Make sure the college provides health insurance for domestic students.  An added benefit is learning new things. A three credit hour class costs about $1000 a semester at UMKC.  

3.  Sign up for domestic student health insurance. At UMKC it is with Aetna. You can sign up per semester, or on August 15, for a year. The annual cost is approximately $2500. The insurance is great, since most people in the group are 18-22 year olds. $4500 per year (a class for 2 semesters, plus the insurance) averages $375 per month, about half of what comparable insurance costs for me, a 64 year old, under Obamacare, assuming no government subsidy. 

The student health insurance for an older non-smoker ineligible for subsidies, like me, is much better than Obamacare, and cheaper, and not subject to political whimsy.  I paid less than $2500 for great health care coverage for an entire year, as compared to $800 per month with the ACA.  Check out the college of your choice. I bet you can find a good deal. 

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