Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bigotry And Poppycock

This "Alt-Right" revival, or as it more accurately should be called "neo-Nazi" revival, seems to be in full swing. The meeting in D.C. with this guy named Richard Spencer exemplifies the worst in America. After his Anti-Semitic rant, he quoted Nazi propaganda in its original German and then he gets a front page story, complete with a photo shoot in the LA Times. I am sure Steve Bannon is proud big left unchecked, racism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism and their advocacy as set to run amok in America. I guess 8 years of a Black president was too much for a bunch of scared, insecure racists and they want to fight back.

It was a blow to me and I am sure to other women that a highly qualified woman was defeated by a temperamentally unsound man. I thought it was finally time where little girls could understand that their possibilities were limitless.  Not so, America. And now we experience a resurgence of hate.

According to people like Richard Spencer, I am not white because I am a Jew. I am an older female Jew who represents African-Americans, Asians, women and gays in discrimination cases. I know to the misguided White-Privilege deniers, the group suffering the most discrimination in this country are white men. Poppycock. These men do mot see that white men control the world. Depriving people of privilege is different than active discrimination.  The Alt-Right Nazi groups have no use for women like me.  They are too afraid and insecure to respect others. They are motivated by fear and hatred.

White people have privilege in this country. Men have privilege in this country. Is equality even a possibility? I am sure that I will receive troll responses stating about the sorry state of white men in this country. Half of my family is comprised of white men. My husband and son are white men. Yet the men in my family acknowledge that they are not being oppressed because of their whiteness or because of their maleness. They know they have privileges in society that they do not really deserve.

What will it take for there to be a woman in the White House?  Can we eliminate racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia?  I don't know. People do not willingly give up privilege and power.  As Dr King stated, "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed."  


  1. "What will it take for there to be a woman in the White House?"

    Unless Obama steps up and appoints Garland during the (putative) Congressional recess, women will be extremely lucky to be able to leave the house after the Trump years.

    It is still the single most puzzling non-action of Obama's administration, electing not to use a recess appointment for Garland back in February of this year: https://willnotbetelevised.com/2016/02/17/recess-appointment/

  2. Some potential good news today on this. Jill Stein of the Green Party has just yesterday called for a recount of the votes in 3 close states---Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. As it stands just now, Hillary Clinton is 2 million more popular votes ahead of Trump, before the recount.

    Crossing fingers.

  3. Temperamentally unsound

    I have not seen a better two words used that really decides who Hillary Clinton is. You three people should be ashamed of yourselves. First Jill Stein has to come up with a lot of money to get the recount and I don't give a crap what the popluar vote was i's the electorial vote that counts and there is a reason why but only you leftest fools like I see here can't seem to get it into your heads how the law is suppose to work. Lynne you being an attorney should above all know that. Maybe just, just maybe a movement in Kansas City to have you disbarred Lynne as being emotionally unfit to be a lawyer should take place.

    1. Sorry to be bust your balloon but according to Hamilton the electoral college's primary saving grace is the fact that it act's as a buffer against "the tyranny of the mob."

      That is to say that a profoundly unfit/unqualified candidate put forth by The People can (and should, in Hamilton's opinion) be corrected by the electoral college. Which is to say, in this particular case, that Hamilton would look at both candidates and then urge the electors to install Clinton, Trump in no way being ft for the office.

      If you think this fanciful, research the 1st election and you will realize that Hamilton lobbied he electors at the time to assure Washington's election.[http://www.ourcampaigns.com/RaceDetail.html?RaceID=1870]

      I disagree with Hamilton's opinion of Adams, but not his lobbying the electors. Andc ertainly no one could argue that Trump is in any fit for the office.

  4. Trump destroyed Clinton in the Electoral College votes 306 to 232 or 57% to 43%.

    Trump also won more than 30 states with his win of 1 of four delegates in Maine. Trump ended up with 30.25 state wins to Hillary’s 19.75 wins. Hillary didn’t even win 20 states and Trump beat her 61% to 39% in state wins.

    Also, Trump won 84% of the US’s 3,083 counties – this was truly a Trump landslide win in all areas.

    Sorry but the facts don't agree with your thoughts or points over here.

    1. Super Dave, as Ben Shapiro says, "Facts don't care about your feelings."