Sunday, October 11, 2015


Old people are not well liked in the workaday world of this country. One friend of mine remarked that at her company, the days of retirement parties are distant memories. After age 55-60ish, employees are offered a "package" with a mandatory release attached. You know the deal - older workers are set in their ways, are slow, hate technology, yada yada. We represent many older workers in our office. Age discrimination is rampant in this country. 

I say bull. My 83 year old mother shops online, mainly from her iPad, wins trivia contests, and plays a mean game of bridge. Plus she texts us when something needs discussing. We love technology - at least the older folks in my family do. I go a tattoo with my daughter when I turned 52. Perhaps that's not something to brag about. I got my second tattoo at age 59. I don't plan to get anymore, but who knows?  

This is why I love older workers and why I am proud to represent them when their employers decide they are no longer useful -

1.  Older workers are dependable. They don't generally need "mental health" sick days to play hookey.
2.  Older workers are responsible. 
3.  Older workers are wiser. 
4.  Older workers are generally happier and get even happier they get older. People oftentimes become happier and more content as they age. 
5.  Older workers understand what is important in the world - family, friends, making a difference in the world.  
6.  Older workers are more self-confident. They realize the superficiality of material wants. 

You may say, "This is total generalization. She is just exposing her own bias because she is old herself."  And if you do say that, you are absolutely right. I love that I have been a lawyer for 32 years. If one is open to learning new things, one can learn a lot in three decades.  I love that my hair is gray, or a sparkly, shiny silver when the sunlight hits my head just right. I love that I no longer wear high heels or feel the need to ever wear high heels again. Those shoes are unhealthy and hurt. I love my wrinkles. Well maybe I only like the wrinkles, but I certainly would rather have my wrinkles than a tight phony face. I love my GROWN kids. I have always loved my kids more than anything, but it is so nice having them as adults with whom I can share deep conversations and experiences. I love my really old husband of 41 years. He is at 14 months older than I am. Old love is better than new love. Old love doesn't run off with the secretary or feel disgusted when he sees you snoring and drooling in the middle of the night.  

It's too bad these materialistic, competitive, upwardly mobile corporate types understand the pleasure of being old. If they did, perhaps employee morale at these mega-profit factories would increase. Life is too short to discard the wisest people on the planet. I pity the stupidity of the youthful corporate executioners.  They are sad and don't understand that treating others with respect and empathy are the true ways to fulfillment. At the end of the day, the corporate downsizes are likely to experience the same fate as their victims once they come of age. Life is too short. 

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  1. Query: Blonde, Brunette, or Redhead?

    Answer: Gray.

    I'm with you Lynne. I've never been happier or more content with life.