Sunday, August 9, 2015

Legislators - -Are You Sexually Harassing Your Interns

Are you a legislator?  Do you wonder if you have sexually harassed your intern?  Well, let's look at these common situations -

1.  Are you an elected representative of a group of people who voted for you in public elections?

Yes ________.    No ________

If your answer is no, you are not a legislator. If your answer is yes, you are a legislator.

2.  Do you have an intern, oftentimes a young college student who gets college credit for working in your office, working in your office?

Yes ________.    No__________

If your answer is yes, or even no, but there are interns in other offices, answer question 3.

3.  Have you done any of the following:

   A.  Asked the intern out for a date, especially if you are married and there is a large difference in your ages;

B.  Intentionally brushed against the interns genitalia;

C.  Touched the intern often, such as massage the interns shoulders, hugg the intern, or touch the intern's butt;

D.  Ask the intern about his or her sex life, talk about your sex life, complain about your marriage, send sexy texts to the intern; OR

E.  Have sexual contact with the intern.

If your answer to any of the questions in A-E above is yes, you are sexually harassing an intern. Interns are generally young college students who admire politicians. Interns have much less power than legislators.  This is not an equal relationship. LEAVE YOUR INTERNS ALONE!!!

Dont't be a despicable pig. Keep your filthy hands off the interns!  If you don't, I hope your interns come to me to sue you. Finally, leave your interns alone.


  1. Attorneys Suck!!!

  2. And what if the intern comes looking for sex?