Monday, June 1, 2015

Some Lawsuits Make Me Sick

Apparently, I am a member of a class action against Massage Envy. I was a member, but didn't claim any recovery, in a similar lawsuit against Southwest Airlines, because drink coupons expired. I believe the members of the class got drink coupons and the class counsel received millions of dollars. I guess there is a great public interest in making sure flyers' ability to drink alcohol in the air without paying for the drinks is tantamount. Perhaps we should amend the Constitution.

Here is the email I sent to the class administrator of the Massage Envy class action:

Dear Class Manager:

This case is disgusting. The attorneys get $7,800,000 and the class members get a massage.  I was a member of Massage Envy and when I left I was owed a couple of massages. I will not be asking for reinstatement. 

I am also an employment discrimination plaintiffs' lawyer. This lawsuit and others like it give all plaintiffs' lawyers a bad name. Is this the same firm that handled the class against Southwest Airlines because drink coupons expired?  Give me a break. 

Cases like this make me ashamed to be a lawyer. 

Lynne Jaben Bratcher

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  1. It pains me to say this, good job. Perfect example of why attorneys suck. This is one example of thousands of BS lawsuits in this country.
    PS Maybe your practice should start filing lawsuits against BS attorneys that file file BS lawsuits.

    1204 am
    Attorneys suck.