Sunday, April 26, 2015

What Is It Like Living In Kansas City?

We don't have mountains, or oceans, or palm trees.

We do have extreme temperatures, over 100 degrees in the winter and below 0 degrees in the winter.

We have beautiful lights in the winter, even though it can get cold.

We are not overly crowded, but over city is vibrant and beautiful.

We love our families and we love our neighbors.

We are kind, courteous, and hospitable to strangers, with really good beer.

We love our animals.

We love the wildlife around us.

And most of the people around here are decent and kind.

And, perhaps most of important of all in a weird sort of way, we are having Renaissance of sorts, since our baseball team is no longer desolate and sad and hopeless.

So, here's a look outside my office window.  Kansas City is a pretty great place to live.

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