Sunday, March 2, 2014

Optimism and Humanity

I just got done trying two discrimination cases with my partner Kristi Kingston.  After almost  two months without a day  off, I took the last four days off, reading a John Grisham novel and watching Oscar nominated films.

That leads me to my conclusion of the last few weeks - most people are eminently compassionate.  I watched "Twelve Years A Slave" and rewatched a favorite, "Nebraska."  Couple the movie-watching fest with further lessons learned in trial, I have again come to the happy conclusion that normal, everyday people are basically good, caring, loving people.

Slavery was a despicable culture and condition, and fortunately it was short-lived in this country.  The fact it existed at all is problematic.  But, I do believe that people are good and kind and most want to be compassionate and treat people in a caring way.

The problem happens when we concentrate on our differences rather than our similarities.  I hope that as the people of this planet  grow closer, as our planet shrinks, and social media expands, we will see ourselves as part of the collective group of humans on the planet.  In a few hundred years, I suspect most people's pigment will become more similar, perhaps a nice lift brown or dark beige.  We will recognize our inter-relatedness and common origins.  We will love one another.  We will notice our similarities more than our differences.  I have faith that we can change the hatred, wars and bigotry.

However, my fear is that by the time we are enlightened, we will have wrecked this planet with climate change and waste.  No, I will not succumb to bitterness and fear.  The day is a comin'.  I feel it.

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