Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ten Ways To Live A Satisfying Life

It's easier than you think to live a life you can be proud of:

1. Address things or people that have given you emotional pain. If  you need counseling or meds, take. Them. There is no reason to be embarrassed if you need help with depression, or other psychological help.

2.  Forgive people who have hurt you. Only if you forgive, can you eliminate the pain. You must set boundaries to prevent future pain, but you must take care of yourself.  Vengeance is poison. Get the poison our of your system.

3. Imagine how others in your life feel and think about life.  This is empathy.  See  situations from the viewpoint of others.

4.  Forget about yourself.  Self-consciousness and insecurity come from too much attention to how you are feeling.

5.  Do and give for and to others with no expectation of return or a response.  The satisfaction comes from helping, not from getting kudos.

6. Treat everyone with respect.  If you sink to other's negative levels, you have lost not only control of yourself, but also a positive belief in who you are.

7. Do not let what other people think or say about you affect how you feel about yourself.   What others think tells more about them than you.

8.  Do what you enjoy.  If you can't find a job doing what you enjoy, spend your free time taking care of yourself.

9. Assume the best about people.   Love as many people and pets as you can. Fill yourself with love.

10.  When important decisions about actions come up, choose the one that will let you respect yourself, even if it is hard, or even really hard.

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