Sunday, October 6, 2013

There Is No "I" in T-E-A-M, But There Are 2 "I"'s in M-i-S-F-I-T

What is a team, a group of individuals with a common goal.  The team moves as a whole.

Team members are popular, usually attractive and and oftentimes smart.  What teams may not be are free-thinkers, misfits, and loners. I like representing the latter, those souls who may who be misfits, who I oftentimes feel are my compatriots.  Let's talk about some differences between team-players and misfits.


1.  You are part of a group, do not make waves.

2.  To be respected, work hard and don't care about recognition.

3.  If the the group likes it, it is good.

4.    Sometimes if the group doesn't like someone, they may be ostracized

5.   Team-players follow the rules, usually without question.



1.  Misfits do not fit in, at least in their own minds.  They may be too poor, too ugly, think differently, etc.

2.   Misfits don't follow the rules. Sometimes this makes them more creative.

3.   Many misfits have very good self-esteem and don't worry about making others like them.

4.  Misfits stand up for themselves and other misfits.

5.  Misfits report unethical or immoral conduct that the team players may condone.

6.   Misfits are scrappy and fighters, oftentimes.

Civil Rights are revered when the team-players respect the misfits.

Read DAVID and GOLIATH, by Malcolm Gladwell. It's great.

I am proud to challenge the status quo because I am a misfit who represents other misfits.


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