Sunday, June 2, 2013


You might be an ageist if:

1.  You think anyone over 50 is too old to keep up with new technology;

2.   You make fun of people with grey hair;

3.   You think people over 50 are taking jobs from younger people who you think are more energetic;

4.   You think people over 50 are all set in their ways and resistant to new ideas;

5.  You think Baby Boomers are going to bleed Social Security and Medicare and leave nothing for you;

6.   You hate hippies and think most people over 55 were probably hippies;

7.  You think most older people get dementia and get too stupid to hold jobs;

8.   You think if older workers don't want to retire, they should be laid off for the good of the company;

9.  You think  experience in life is meaningless and there is no such thing as wisdom; and

10.  You think older people can't possibly be as hip, have as good as sense of humor, or be as smart as  you.

In this day and age, most people realize its wrong to call someone a racial epithet or call a woman the "c" word.  How often do you hear, and accept jokes about "old farts" and think nothing about it?  Many cultures honor and respect their elders. Will that ever happen here, or will we increasingly be a culture that wants to ostracize and isolate the grandparents and great-grandparents?  At least there is one equalizer, we all get older.

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