Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life Is Short, So Don't Waste It On Stupid Stuff

How much time do we spend on petty thoughts and desires? I have wasted many hours worrying about stupid things.    This is the stupid stuff that I try to avoid worrying about.


1.  Anything outside of my control, including but not limited to;
  A.  Who will win the presidential election,
  B.  If others like me (okay, sometimes I still worry about this),  including if others like what I say, or if others like the way I look or how I dress,
  C.  If others think my daughter has too many tattoos.

2.  Anything that matters little in the course of life, for instance:
    A. Whether or not I drive an expensive car,
    B.  Whether or not I wear high heels,
    C.  If I let my hair go grey,
    D.   Belonging to country clubs,
    E.  Botox. 

3.  Gossip, about anything including about wealth, either mine or envying someone else's.  


1.  Caring about others,
2. Having love, of people, pets, etc. in your life,
3. Being persistent and focused in what you find important in life,
4.  Laughing, laughing, and laughing. 



  1. Everyone is different I know I no longer worry about that which I have no direct control over like I use to.

    As for what I have drive, do, or look like is up to me. I figure as long as I am clean, nice and not doing anything illegal or disrespectful to others all is fair in this game called life.

    I have had to cut some ties with family just so I have a more peaceful life myself. I figured if by age 50 that if those in my family want to fight, be hateful, or do illegal things all the time they can do it on their own and deal with it on their own as well.

    So yes I agree life is short so don't waste it on silly things or those that cause displeasure.

  2. I care about typos. "Carrying about others."
    Did you mean "Caring about others?"

  3. Thanks, Anonymous. I really don't like making typos.