Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If Sherlock Holmes Was My Consulting Detective

We just started watching Masterpiece Mystery on PBS, which is now Showing Sherlock Holmes. What a novel way to talk about cases. I am going to name of my cases, past and present, Arthur Conan Doyle style. See if you recognize yours or other cases about which I have written. These are just snippets of ten from memory.

1. The Case of the Cowardly Thieving and Vengeful Boss.

2. The Case of the Humiliated Woman Of Color Who Was Courageous Enough to Fight Back.

3. The Case of the Despicable Sexual Pervert Who Attacked Young Girls At Work.

4. The case of the greedy American and Chinese Companies Who Put Making Money Before Protecting Customers From Death and Crippling injuries.

5. The Case of the Arrogant Mayor Martied to a Controlling Wife who Put His Home Life Ahead of A Fair and Non- Dicriminatory Workplace.

6. The case of the Caucasian Employees Who Displayed Nooses in the Workplace to Intimidate the African-American Employees.

7. The Case of the Husband who had a Car Stop on His Toe. (My husband)

8. The case of the Blogger Who Believed in the First Amendment.

9. The Case off the Prosecutor who Fired Assistants She Feared to Further Her Political Career.

10. The Case of the City Who Fired the Wrong Prosecutors Based on a Judges' an Management's Whim.

Now all I need for these cases is a Sherlock Holmes.

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