Monday, May 23, 2011

The Morass

What compels humans to harass and ridicule others? Are bullies made, or are they born? Why are people so angry?

When I started to write this piece, just a few days ago, I intended to write the answers to these questions. I planned on regaling tales of insecure bullies, beaten down men and women who foisted their aggression on unsuspecting sweet souls. I hoped to write stories of the triumph of courageous victims of unjust discrimination over their misguided oppressors. But sitting here now in Starbucks writing this while I wait for my daughter to finish her shift, I just don't feel it.

What makes people act mean? Why was Hitler so evil? What drove the Hutus to annihilate the Tutsis? What causes inhumanity, injustice, indecency? Why are humans so flawed?

I don't know and it seems like too much effort right now to think about.

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