Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joke Issue

I decided to write a new post, because, quite frankly, my last two entries have been depressing me. My daughter is much better. She discontinued a medication she was on and she is feeling much better. Thank goodness.

Practicing law is serious business. In discrimination cases, emotions run high. Sometimes, you just need a break. I have one client who sends me humorous accounts of very serious matters, and I really appreciate his emails. Sometimes it becomes necessary, for spiritual, physical and psychological reasons, to laugh. I love to laugh. I love people who make me laugh. I love situations that make me laugh. I love movies that make me laugh out loud, embarrassing timid souls who are shocked by my guffaws in movie theaters (spoiler alert) for example - The Other Guys when Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock jump off the building.

So, I am going to share one of my favorite jokes, probably first told to me by John Nolte:

"When I die, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, the way my grandfather died. I do not want to die screaming and in pain like his passengers."

If you are reading this and are so inclined, please share your favorite joke. I love puns. I would prefer no potty humor or raunchy jokes. Please, make me laugh.


  1. Man gets pulled over by the police and the policeman says to him, "Sir, your eyes are bloodshot, have you been drinking?" The man says to the policeman, "Your eyes are glazed, have you been eating donuts?"

    Did you hear about the cat that swallowed a ball of wool? She had mittens.

    What do you get when you cross a chick with an alley cat? A Peeping Tom.

    Sort of corny but I hope these bring a smile to your face! Proud to be in the first class of TLC with you too. Hard to believe it's been 16 years. Have a great weekend. Anne-Marie

  2. A small village perchs on a road half way up a mountain. The cemetary is a mile or so above the village and a prominent citizen is being buried today. The mortician and his assistant have just moved the coffin from the hearse to that carriage on wheels. Suddenly it starts starts rolling downhill. The mortician makes a grab for the handle but the coffin has picked up momentum and he cannot stop it. He holds on and is dragged along, his feet hitting the road about every 6 or 7 yards. The coffin
    is rushing through the village when a wheel hits a stone causing it to careen through the front door of the pharmacy. As the mortician flies past the startled pharmisist, he pleads, “Sir, do you have anything to stop this coffin?”

  3. Not a full-fledged joke, but a funny question for my fellow "Dexter" fan:

    I stepped on a cornflake. Does that mean I'm a cereal killer?

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