Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Real Reason Some People Are Upset And We Have The Tea Party

Not many people voluntarily relinquish power and control of a society. Here, in the United States! We are undergoing a shift in power. We have an African-American President. Soon Caucasians will be in the minority. Women are gaining political power. It is always disconcerting to those in power when that power is at risk.

This phenomenon has occurred many times in history. Gandhi said, "First they ignore you; then they laugh at you; then they fight you; then you win." We are at stage three, "then they fight you . . .". We will have a more just and equal society, it's just that not everyone is happy about that.


  1. The racial power shift that L. Bratcher looks forward to, has already taken place in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

    Its just like that movie "Invictus" down there, all noble and everything.

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    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then every one moves.

  2. I am not sure that "relinquishing power" is quite accurate. The power is still with the majority. The vote has not been denied. "Relinquishing power" would assume that caucasian males vote as a bloc and everyone else votes as an opposing bloc. Apart from in the minds of paranoid caucasians who are in varying stages of denial about their latent prejudices, this does not occur. People who truly love Democracy and the Constitution must also be willing to accept defeat graciously. The peaceful transition of power between governments is the cornerstone of our Democracy and our beacon for the rest of the world.

    Caucasians will no longer be a majority, but they will be the plurality for generations to come. They also are disproportionately represented in elections which is more powerful in a Democracy. If majority status was truly most important Madame President and The First Man would be on vacation after moving their agenda through the majority female Senate.

    The South African comparison is absurd. The "racial power shift" the commenter refers to is called "Democracy." Once 80% of the population was no longer denied the vote based on the color of their skin, Democracy took hold. The murder rate is out of hand, but that has more to do with the relatively young government than racial demographics. Of the 10 nations with the highest murder rates per capita, seven (including South Africa) have governments founded since 1980. South African is the only one that is majority black. Five of the seven are majority caucasian. http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/cri_mur_percap-crime-murders-per-capita
    Again, race is only a minor factor and the first refuge only to those who look at the situation through their own prejudices. If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

  3. Anon's (Ms. B's premise is faulty.)

    Info on website quoted--

    2)South Africa
    4) Venezuala


    This is a joke.

    A cursory, vague, knowledge of lawlessness and the reasons, in the aforementioned countries, with the EXCEPTION of SA, have to do with drugs and sundry other variables, which I am sure, you apologists will continue to promote. Forrest Gump could purview Time Magazine once a month and refute this specious, and bovine premise.

    What a joke--seriously.

    "Race is a minor factor".

    Then, that "if all you have is a hammer....blah blah blah...."

    I really love the "relativlely young government" quote.

    Your miraculous extrapolation, presumed, is so zeitgeist pc, there must be simultaneous orgasms in MTV/BET jeans crotches (Albeit around the knees.) around the entirety of Jackson County.

    In this very blog----Black on white crime is rampant.

    eg. ---US Dept of Justice Stats---white on black rape --- as opposed to Black on White rape is---wait for it---(Start making excuses, scratching your head, 2nd party the blame, NO NO NO---don't say it outloud!!!!) is---here it comes---565 to 1.

    565 to 1.

    Your a moron.

  4. PS--Your are metaphysically correct---deomocracy in action.

    A quote from Machiavelli is in order. After the "Hammer" colloquialism, there is no guilt.

    "The Government the people get, is the government they deserve."

    South Africans deserve the murder, rape, theft they inflict on each other, codified and exacted, in violence, remotely, by way of the pathetic, peurile, platitudes, fostered on them by samctimonious guidons of the zeitgeist de jour 24 hr news cycle, "is my face on tv", and "is my commentary" Trotskey like enough to get me some Govt. Cheese?


  5. One more time- Your premise of "race being a minor factor" and "looking at things thru your own prejudices", is categorically and galactically refuted after any one with room temperature has coffee every morning and reads the paper, duh...

    Joseph Goebbels, alive today, fixed, Clockwork Orange like on the tube, would be shouting hosannas to the machine that has relegated utilitarian lunch pail (here it comes---those nasty white people---yuck)Americans to 2nd class status, based on (Yeah, thas right Joe---) the color of white skin.

    Until there is a 6 sided white star, sown on blue workshirts by Title 9, section 8 welfare recipients, on lunch pail, 401K deficient, Wall Street Raped, every day Americans, law suits, by John Grisham wanna be's ---will prevail.

    This commentary is a hate crime.

    I will watch lil wayne the rest of the night, and turn myself in by the banks of the Brush Creek, where I may be baptized with the Jackson County koolaid.

    I am out of town WORKING for 5 days.

    Wish you all the best.

  6. Chuck be sure and stop your list at 6. Even in that list only 2 countries are majority black. Those are the only 2 in the top 15. 7 of the top 15 are majority white and 8 of the 15 have a completely different constitution than they had 30 years ago.

    I love how every discussion of the tea party in real life contends it has nothing to do with race and every discussion on an anonymous message board boils down to nothing else.