Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why a Blog?

I have been a lawyer for 26 years, representing those with uncommon courage, who fight for justice and against unlawful discrimination, racial, sexual, age, disability, etc. I represent whistleblowers who take on the most powerful foes without regard for the toll the fight takes. I feel honored to have touched the lives of these individuals and humbled by how my clients have helped me. I want to write about these courageous folks who make a difference in our society by willing to fight back against mammoth employers. Their stories are stories of hope and despair, joy and pain, and sometimes just of pain and despair. I want to honors these people who have enriched my life so.

That is why I decided to write a blog. I do have a dilemma, though. Communications between my clients and me are protected by the attorney-client privilege and I dare not risk litigation by naming the corporate evil-doers, so I must take care and may need to use pseudonyms to tell these stories. I just want others to know that it is possible to fight authority and win. There can be justice.


  1. Cool blog. It's nice to see someone telling a client's story, instead of pounding their chest telling how great they are.

    Michael Cowen

  2. Lynne--You have always been one of my "heroes." Keep up the good work for your clients. I love how you relate so personally to your clients. I also come to think of so many of my clients as my friends and it is nice to see another attorney with the same connection to those they represent.